Saturday, 5 August 2017

Premier Predictions (Week 01)

Here we go again :)
The all new prediction competition for the 2017-2018 season.

T&C's - Usual rules apply
3 Points for a correct score, 1 Point for a correct result.
Predictions League will be decided on weekly wins first, if 2 or more people share a weekly win that will be classed as a draw, if at the end things are still level the toal points for the season come into play.
Predictions in the comments please :)
Any spam and abuse will be deleted so don't bother.

Anyway enough of that :) hopefully the regular players will be back and anyone reading this blog is welcome to join in at any point, just let me know a name and club supported. Obviously predictions will only count if they are made before the kick offs.

So here is the first week of the new season, games spread over 3 days with 1 on Friday, 7 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday.

Arsenal v Leicester

Watford v Liverpool
C Palace v Huddersfield
Chelsea v Burnley
Everton v Stoke
Southampton v Swansea
West Brom v Bournemouth
Brighton v Man City

Newcastle v Tottenham
Man Utd v West Ham

Lots of new players and the big 7 all playing European football this year mean their might be room for one of the others to make a challenge?
Money talks so you would expect the title to be contested by Chelsea and the 2 Manchester clubs with Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool in the mix.
As for the rest it's hard to predict who will struggle the most and none stand out as possible title contenders.
The bookies have Man City as favourites with Chelsea, Man U, Tottenham and Arsenal next best.
Favourites for relegation are Huddersfield followed by Burnley, Watford, Swansea, Palace and Brighton.

Good Luck All, and let's hope it's a great season.


  1. Just 3 days to go, so I'll kick off :)

    Arsenal v Leicester 2-0
    Watford v Liverpool 1-2
    C Palace v Huddersfield 2-1
    Chelsea v Burnley 3-0
    Everton v Stoke 2-0
    Southampton v Swansea 1-1
    West Brom v Bournemouth 0-1
    Brighton v Man City 0-3
    Newcastle v Tottenham 1-1
    Man Utd v West Ham 1-0 ... or hopefully a famous victory? :)

  2. Hello Lee mate. I can't see Chelsea winning it this season. Our transfer business has been abysmal. Squad far too small and we have sold too many decent young players or put em out on loan. I wonder how many goals Tammy Abraham will score for Swansea this season when we clearly need him......More than Morata I boldly predict (providing he gets a game that is) I can see us finishing 4th at best. The manager will be gone within 12 months because my club is run by a bunch of c'nts!

    Anyway,now that this page has finally loaded here goes

    Arsenal v Leicester 2-1

    Watford v Liverpool 1-3
    C Palace v Huddersfield 0-1
    Chelsea v Burnley 2-0
    Everton v Stoke 0-2
    Southampton v Swansea 0-1
    West Brom v Bournemouth 2-1
    Brighton v Man City 1-0

    Newcastle v Tottenham 2-1
    Man Utd v West Ham 3-0

    cheers mate


    1. Shocked they let Matic go and don't understand why Costa has been frozen out, with Hazard injured they are looking short, think it's gonna be tight this year but City should have enough to win it this season.

  3. Arsenal v Leicester 2-0

    Watford v Liverpool 0-2
    C Palace v Huddersfield 2-0
    Chelsea v Burnley 2-1
    Everton v Stoke 1-0
    Southampton v Swansea 1-0
    West Brom v Bournemouth 1-1
    Brighton v Man City 0-2

    Newcastle v Tottenham 1-2
    Man Utd v West Ham 2-1

    Mixed bag with nothing to really go on. Do love the week one lottery, there is bound to be a couple of shocks, but where.....would I be disappointed if Hernandez scored 3 in the theater of nightmares.....NO !!

    Good Luck everyone


    1. Can't say Chicarito without going into that Abba song :)

  4. Need to work out how the model will predict the first 10 games as no recent form

  5. Arsenal 1 Leicester 1
    Watford 2 Liverpool 1
    Palace 0 Huddersfield 1
    Chelsea 2 burnley 0
    Everton 1 Stoke 0
    Saints 1 Swansea 1
    West brom 0 Bournemouth 0
    Brighton 0 man city 3
    Newcastle 2 Spurs 1
    Man Utd 2 West Ham 1
    Good to be back

  6. Arsenal v Leicester 0-2

    Watford v Liverpool 2-1
    C Palace v Huddersfield 0-1
    Chelsea v Burnley 2-1
    Everton v Stoke 2-0
    Southampton v Swansea 1-1
    West Brom v Bournemouth 1-2
    Brighton v Man City 2-1

    Newcastle v Tottenham 1-0
    Man Utd v West Ham 0-2

  7. Great game to start :)

    Day 1 Scores (1 Game)
    Lee 1, Longy 1, Paul 1, Biopunk 0, Paulo 0
    (Lawro 1, Steve Cram 1, Brendan Foster 1, Paul's Model -)

  8. "I can't see Chelsea winning it this season." - Longy, wise beyond his years.

  9. Indeed, a really bad day at the office, Short of players now going to be missing 2 more.
    Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea all conceding 3 goals to "lesser" teams.
    Congrats to Huddersfield great win.

  10. Day 2 Scores (8 Games)
    Paul 7, Paulo 6, Lee 4, Biopunk 3, Longy 3
    (Lawro 6, Steve Cram 4, Brendan Foster 6, Paul's Model - )

  11. Week 1 done and dusted, disaster for West Ham ... the only way is up?

    Week 1 Final Scores (10 Games)
    Paul 9, Paulo 7, Lee 5, Longy 4, Biopunk 3
    (Lawro 10, Steve Cram 5, Brendan Foster 7, Paul's Model - )

    So we start with a win for 2-0 Lawro, but as far as the competition goes Paul starts with a win to defend his title, congrats Paul :)